About plugins

A brief description of plugins that have been tested


AMP (originally an acronym for Accelerated Mobile Pages[1]) is an open source HTML framework developed by the AMP Open Source Project.[2] It was originally created by Google as a competitor to Facebook Instant Articles and Apple News

Accelerated Mobile Pages – Wikipedia

If you enable the AMP plugin, AMP-enabled pages will be generated automatically.

The generated AMP page is an individual post, and a link is displayed in the admin bar, so you can check it from there.

If the AMP plugin is enabled, the theme will apply the theme style to the AMP page

Please be aware that some pages, such as the full width of the cover image, etc. are applied, but the wide width is not applied.


progressive web application (PWA) is a type of application software delivered through the web, built using common web technologies including HTMLCSS and JavaScript.

Progressive web application – Wikipedia

With the PWA plugin enabled, you can create shortcuts on your mobile device, just like apps.

This plugin has no special settings page.

To use the PWA plug-in, it is required to set the “site icon” in the customizer.


When wp-scss plugin is enabled, the scss file in the source / scss holder of the theme will be written to each css file in the css holder.

It can be used when you want to edit the scss file directly. Not required if you do not edit the scss file directly.

Please enable wp-scss plugin with emulsion-addons plugin enabled. The source holder and export destination folder are set automatically.


The emulsion-addons plugin is a customization plugin for this theme.

When the plugin is enabled, the customizer will add customization items, a metabox to the edit screen, and a document for theme customization.

When using the plug-in, functions such as adjusting the font size according to the amount of characters in the title are enabled.
The difference is that if you stop the plugin, it won’t be fine-tuned.

Even if you stop the plugin, the changes made by the plugin retain the changes in the color scheme and layout, so you can stop the plugin when the customization is complete.

If you give the site to a friend who is not very familiar with WordPress, it will be less likely that the site will be displayed strangely due to extra work, so please keep this plug-in in mind.