Emulsion Theme editor Type

Editor Type is a setting item in Customization.

The emulsion theme allows you to choose an editor based on this setting.

The image on the left is a screenshot of the settings screen.

Experimental mode

Experimental mode will be abolished in ver2.1.6

If you select this item, the following menu will be displayed in the admin bar.

experimental mode

You can use this menu to view your current site with a new theme, such as viewing with a Full Site theme that started with WordPress 5.8, or turning it off with FSE-OFF and viewing it in a traditional classic editor. You can try it out, or make changes to the CSS to make it look the same.

full site Editing theme

View themes using the full site editor, full site theme, which started with WordPress 5.8

In WordPress 5.9.3, the squid message is displayed. If you need a sidebar, use the FSE Transitional Theme setting

FSE Transitional theme

The full site editor is enabled, but the full site editor is embedded in the main content of the theme.

You can use sidebar widgets and footer widgets like traditional themes.

Classic Theme

Display with the traditional stable, classic theme

Theme Default settings also allow you to use new templates for header and footer templates.


If you set the classic theme, we recommend changing the header and footer templates to “depends on editor settings”.

Some features such as customizer layout will not work properly