• markdown example

    line break LF (WordPressのファイルは、LFで改行ですよね)changelog.txtをコピー ペーストすると、markdownはHTMLに変換されます。 == Changelog == = 14.6.1 = Changelog Fixes Global Styles Bug Fixes Contributors The following contributors merged PRs in this release: @oandregal @dmsnell 改行コードが、CR/LFの場合だと(githubは改行はCR/LFですよね)、以下のようにPreformatted blockとして張り付きます。markdownをHTML変換 としては張り付かなくなるという事を言いたかったです。 == Changelog == = 14.6.1 = ## Changelog ### Fixes #### Global Styles – Fix the `upgrader_process_complete` hook for `wp_theme_has_theme_json`. ([45881](https://github.com/WordPress/gutenberg/pull/45881)) – Update `wp_theme_has_theme_json` to […]

  • WordPress 6.1 with emulsion theme

    Spacing function In WordPress 6.1, margin setting functions such as margin, padding, and gap have been enhanced. Note that the emulsion theme assigns a specific style to the margin setting. If you set margin-left and margin-right to 0, it will be displayed as auto. If you set values for margin-left and margin-right in the range […]

  • Create a post in the block editor

    The block editor has various functions that were not possible with the classic editors so far. The block editor is characterized by the fact that even beginners can create posts and pages with no coding (minimum coding), but that is not always convenient for those who already understand HTML and CSS. There seems to be. […]

  • Emulsion Theme editor Type

    Editor Type is a setting item in Customization. The emulsion theme allows you to choose an editor based on this setting. The image on the left is a screenshot of the settings screen. Experimental mode Experimental mode will be abolished in ver2.1.6 If you select this item, the following menu will be displayed in the […]

  • Review of traditional templates and new templates

    What is a template? It is a file that describes what kind of HTML is used to display the post title, body text, metadata (post date and category), etc. created with the editor. Traditionally it was in PHP format, but the newly added template is in HTML and is saved in a custom post type, […]

  • How to enable FSE in emulsion theme

    The emulsion theme is not only compatible with the full site editor, but also has the function as a conventional theme, and you need to select the type in the customizer. From Customize, open the Full Site Editor section and you will see the menu below. Theme Default is displayed in the traditional PHP template. […]

  • About plugins

    A brief description of plugins that have been tested AMP AMP (originally an acronym for Accelerated Mobile Pages[1]) is an open source HTML framework developed by the AMP Open Source Project.[2] It was originally created by Google as a competitor to Facebook Instant Articles and Apple News Accelerated Mobile Pages – Wikipedia If you enable the AMP plugin, AMP-enabled pages will be generated automatically. The generated AMP page […]

  • When editing SCSS files

    If you need to edit the scss file directly, you can easily compile by placing the following plugin in the plugin directory。 WP-SCSS – WordPress plugin | WordPress.org wp-scss plugin and plugin for linking themes Save the following code in wp-content / plugins / emulsion / emulsion.php. and both activate.