header image height display Improperly.

Brother john report

Header suddenly unable to display anything over 198px high. Header created 900px x 300px previously displayed fine.

Since the cause of this problem is not known yet however, it is clear that it must get over, we announce you a provisional solution.

I want me for the person who faced the same problem to teach as much as possible to what kind of timing it becomes so.

*quick fix code below
add to functions.php
add_filter( ‘raindrops_header_image_elements’, ‘raindrops_force_header_height’ );

function raindrops_force_header_height($content){

$new_image_height = 300;

return str_replace(
‘<div id="header-image">’,
‘<div id="header-image" style="height:’.$new_image_height.’px;">’,