Pre release 0.9.0

Overview emulsion theme

The emulsion theme is a modular theme that allows you to remove the main blocks that make up the web page, such as the header, sidebar, and footer, each post and page, reset the style of the theme, or delete the entire style sheet.

The page builder plug-in and the block editor implement the style for the front end, so in such an environment, the style of the theme itself can become unused CSS chunks and prevent any negative impact on performance.

At the transition stage, the theme needs to support both HTML structures with the same functionality, such as traditional shortcode galleries, block editor galleries and widgets.

The emulsion theme was designed to connect the future WEB Publishing pioneered by the block editor with the current complexity as simple as possible.

The block editor is not finished yet. Also, a new phase has begun. There is also a need to address the functionality brought about by changes in the block editor, but we will publish this theme to be reviewed by the theme review team.

We sincerely hope that the functionality of this small theme will be accepted by many who run the site with WordPress.