Emulsion Theme

block editor ( gutenberg ) 対応した新しいコンセプトのテーマ

Boilerplate was added to scheme.

Boilerplate was added to scheme.

In emulsion theme 1.6.1, we added boilerplate to the easy setup of the customizer.

Boilerplate is a function to remove the theme style and Javascript and display it in plain html

The new function was enabled.

この機能は、boilerplate が有効でない場合でも動作します。

This feature works even if the boilerplate is not enabled.

Adding a custom field css will add has-custom-style to the body element of the post and page, so use it to describe the style.

--thm_general_link_color: #cccccc;

When changing the style of the archive page etc., if a style sheet with style-prefix added to each class name of body class exists in the css directory of the theme, those styles will be read, so a specific category page You can freely customize CSS such as 404 pages.

With this change, css has been subdivided. It is now possible to remove styles and scripts in the metabox and load the styles you need.

You can also import theme styles into your custom field css as follows:

@import url(https://example.com/wordpress/wp-content/themes/emulsion/css/common.css);
@import url(https://example.com/wordpress/wp-content/themes/emulsion/css/accessibility.css);
@import url(https://example.com/wordpress/wp-content/themes/emulsion/css/block-presentation.css);
@import url(https://example.com/wordpress/wp-content/themes/emulsion/css/primary-menu.css);

List of CSS files

  • accessibility.css
  • amp.css
  • archives.css
  • backward-compatible.css
  • block-presentation.css
  • boxed.css
  • columns.css
  • comments.css
  • custom-color.css
  • effect.css
  • gallery.css
  • header.css
  • loops.css
  • primary-menu.css
  • single.css
  • style-editor.css
  • tinymce-style.css