Supported the experimental environment of FSE theme

Phase 2 of the Gutenberg project has begun.
The next Twentytwentyone theme seems to be developed with a traditional theme, so it won’t change immediately, but the FSE theme can make a big difference to your WordPress theme.

emulsion-addons 1.4.9 Changed the plug-in settings

In addition to FSE-ON FSE-OFF, FSE-Transitional has been added to admin-menu.

FSE-ON displays only the features of Gutenberg FSE, and FSE-Transitional displays the FSE template embedded in the main area of the theme.

In FSE-ON, the sidebar is hidden. In FSE-Transitional, if the sidebar widget is set, it will be displayed.

In emulsion 1.6.4, block-template-parts and block-template holders have been added.

Inside these holders are experimental FSE templates.

When experimenting with the FSE theme, change block-template / experimental-index.html to index.html so that you can experiment with FSE.

The Gutenberg plug-in and emulsion-addons plug-in are required for FSE experiments, so activate them in advance.

When you’re ready, the admin bar will display a menu similar to the one below.

adminbar menu


Click this link to see it as a regular emulsion theme instead of an FSE theme.

At the same time, the customizer menu etc. are also displayed.


If the FSE template is in the theme, if there is no FSE template, it will be displayed in the theme template.

To find out which template you are using, check the display of’being displayed in FSE Template’and’being display in Theme Template’.

Menus such as the customizer are hidden and the site editor menu is displayed instead.

The biggest feature of FSE theme is that it replaces the PHP template system of the old theme with a new HTML template.

Purpose of adding this feature

By switching between FSE-ON and FSE-OFF, the menus for customizers, widgets, site editors, etc. can also be switched.

You can also check how the display changes with plugins that use the current template system. (For example, bbpress plugins cannot display content at this time.)

However, on the other hand, when the site editor is enabled, WordPress can be customized more easily, such as being able to easily display content from the editor and paging multiple query blocks on the home page displaying the post archive. You can actually try it out.

Being able to know exactly what’s going to happen and what’s happening now is an important hint as to which theme system should be applied to your site.

The FSE theme is an experimental function, but I think it makes sense for people who run websites with WordPress to be able to imagine the future.