Emulsion Theme

block editor ( gutenberg ) 対応した新しいコンセプトのテーマ

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Emulsion Theme

block editor ( gutenberg ) 対応した新しいコンセプトのテーマ

Category: docs

  • BLOCK LAYOUT and how to use

    What is the layout function? When inherit default layout is turned ON, two fields, container and wide, are displayed. content overrides the width of none in the menu wide overrides the width of Wide Width. How can I customize the width of all the elements assigned to the middle or wide columns? Special blocks that wrap blocks, such as group blocks, treat child blocks differently depending on the theme. For example, with […]

  • WordPress 6.0 and emulsion Theme

    WordPress 6.0 adds the ability to choose a color scheme in the site editor. The emulsion theme had this feature implemented earlier as of 5.9, but it’s generally working as expected. A notation has also been added that makes it easy to enter links within the site. You can search for post links by typing the following at the beginning of the paragraph Stack has been added to the group block. It […]

  • Child theme (of block theme)

    There is a child theme for customizing WordPress. You can also create a child theme with a block theme. (Emulsion theme supports child theme in version 2.2.0)した) This page explains the main points about the child theme of emulsion theme. Minimal child theme index.php (emulsion テーマのindex.phpのコピー) style.css note: The emulsion theme loads the child theme’s style.css once the child theme is created, so you don’t need the code to load the child […]

  • WordPress 5.9 with emulsion Theme

    In WordPress 5.9, the customizer has not taken the lead, and a new editor (site editor) has taken the lead. The new editor allows everyone to consistently change settings to their liking, such as changing to a grid layout, changing colors, showing or hiding the posting date, showing or sizing the poster icon, etc. became. The template system has been completely redesigned and changed from the traditional PHP template to the HTML […]

  • About WordPress 5.8 and emulsion theme FSE support

    Full site editor support is planned for WordPress. WordPress 5.8 has made some iconic changes to pave the way. The emulsion theme is preparing to function as a full site editor support theme in WordPress 5.8. You can still test 5.8 wid the beta tester plugin Full site editing currently an experimental feature. The emulsion theme implements a changeover switch for using the theme in the customizer with normal theme functions, transitional […]

  • Improved so that the theme class is reflected in the block editor

    Note The emulsion addons plugin must be enabled. Thematic-specific positioning classes are now accurately reflected within the block editor With blocks, even blocks that do not have an alignment menu can be handled by adding advanced setting / additional CSS classes, improving layout flexibility Details of the class will be displayed when the emulsion-addons plugin is enabled.Please check the appearance / emulsion documents. alignleft alignright alignwide alignfull Example of applying the alignleft […]

  • emulsion block variation and styles

    Changed block inserter and block style in version 1.6.6 CTA BLOCK hello world Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquip ex ea commodo consequat. hello world Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enim […]

  • Supported the experimental environment of FSE theme

    Phase 2 of the Gutenberg project has begun. The next Twentytwentyone theme seems to be developed with a traditional theme, so it won’t change immediately, but the FSE theme can make a big difference to your WordPress theme. emulsion-addons 1.4.9 Changed the plug-in settings In addition to FSE-ON FSE-OFF, FSE-Transitional has been added to admin-menu. FSE-ON displays only the features of Gutenberg FSE, and FSE-Transitional displays the FSE template embedded in the […]

  • Boilerplate was added to scheme.

    In emulsion theme 1.6.1, we added boilerplate to the easy setup of the customizer. Boilerplate is a function to remove the theme style and Javascript and display it in plain html The new function was enabled. この機能は、boilerplate が有効でない場合でも動作します。 This feature works even if the boilerplate is not enabled. Adding a custom field css will add has-custom-style to the body element of the post and page, so use it to describe the style. […]

  • Scheme

    updated: 17/02/2022 What is ONE CLICK CONFIG? In customize / Theme Operation Mode Setting / When set to FSE Translation Theme or Classic Theme, this function allows you to change fonts, colors, font sizes, etc. all at once. When set to Full Site Editiong Theme, only two types, default and boilerplate, can be selected.This is because the theme design changes move from the customizer to the editor. WordPress 6.0 will add style […]

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