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関数名の変更を行いました is_2col_raindrops() を raindrops_is_2col()、
insert_message_action_hook_position() を raindrops_insert_message_action_hook_position()に、
plugin_is_active() を raindrops_plugin_is_active()に、それぞれ変更しました。


version:1.343 Overview of Changes Add New Template pdf.php new function raindrops_pdf_send_to_editor new function raindrops_sidebar_pdf_archive_validate this page can columns controlable from the customizer Modified 404.php Headding element change from h1 to h2 Rename un prefixed function Change from is_2col_raindrops to raindrops_is_2col Change from insert_message_action_hook_position to raindrops_insert_message_action_hook_position Change from plugin_is_active to raindrops_plugin_is_active Remove action do_not_cache_feeds Added New function raindrops_pdf_send_to_editor Modified Post Format Chat Template Added conditional body class ‘chat-emoji’ for Backward compatibility If no needs change, Please change from chat-emoji to chat at header.php( header-xhtml.php ) The setting of this body class is deprecated in several versions destination Modified h2 headding element for japanese user , change font size from 146.5% to 153.9% at .entry-title Modified language files ja.po ja.mo