WordPress 6.1 with emulsion theme

Spacing function

In WordPress 6.1, margin setting functions such as margin, padding, and gap have been enhanced.

Note that the emulsion theme assigns a specific style to the margin setting.

If you set margin-left and margin-right to 0, it will be displayed as auto.

If you set values for margin-left and margin-right in the range control, outer margins corresponding to the set values are added. (If you add 1rem to margin-left, add 1rem to the calculated value of margin-auto.)

Negative margins are currently not supported.

group block, column block

Added Flow Layout style.

When Flow Layout is ON, width settings such as alignleft, alignright, alignwide, and alignfull of child elements are overwritten and flowed to the entire block.

Style variation

Added daybreak.json to the theme’s styles holder and added one style variation.

This feature ported the color scheme and font size displayed when Daybreak is set in Customizer/Easy Settings to the site editor. (This setting item is only available if the theme scheme is
(Displayed in Classic, Transitional)


In your theme’s patterns folder, add primary-menu.php and add the following format to each template individually:

<!-- wp:navigation {...} /-->

What was described in

<!-- wp:pattern {"slug":"emulsion/primary-menu"} /-->

changed to With this change, simple menu changes can be made all at once by simply rewriting the tags in the pattern.

navigation block changed

PHP8.0 support

Previously, there was an issue with the emulsion-addons plugin that prevented customizing previews, but this has been fixed, but please note that Core is still in beta support.

Removed admin panel message when PHP8 is used.

PHP8.0 support is beta support, probably in WordPress 6.1 as well.

Please refer to the link below for details

WordPress 6.1で追加された主な機能

Add a Table of Contents block

Renewal of List block You can now move list items.

Navigation block renewal

Singular.html can now be used as a template.

Column block now has a border control

A border control has been added to the image block.

Redesigned comment block

Heading block now has font control

Gap specification of gallery block can be set both vertically and horizontally

The font size can now be adjusted in conjunction with the browser width. theme.json

Margin controls such as padding and margin can now be set. theme.json

Pseudo-classes such as :hover, :focus can now be specified in theme.json