emulsion theme ver 2.6.9

Scheduled to be released in mid-April 2023

Important change

Remove the customizer theme scheme FSE Transitional.

FSE Transitional mode was to embed blocks in PHP templates to enable the old settings “mainly, classic theme sidebars, etc.” .

In the emulsion theme, it is already possible to place the sidebar in the “editor”, and the sidebar can be freely added with blocks and classic sidebar areas. Did.

If for some reason you need FSE Transitional, you can use the following filters: (emulsion 3.0.0-)

add_filter('theme_mod_emulsion_editor_support', function(){ return 'transitional';});

In this connection, we no longer need the option of using HTML templates or PHP templates for header templates and footer templates, so we will remove this feature as well.

Delete Filter

add_filter( 'render_block', 'emulsion_relate_posts_when_addons_inactive', 10, 2 );

No longer need a filter

add_filter( 'render_block_core/post-title', 'emulsion_accesible_post_title_link_control', 10, 2 );

Remove this filter to induce bugs.

The post title on the individual post page was a filter that was set up because it shouldn’t have a link, but if there is a block using a query (such as a list of recent posts) in the post, they will be There was a bug where the used post title links were also removed. As an alternative, I decided to use CSS to stop the links from working.

add_filter( 'render_block_core/site-title', 'emulsion_accesible_site_title_link_control', 10, 2 );

I will delete it for the same reason as the post title.

Change template

Template queries have been changed from the traditional method of importing templates with wp:template-part to the method of writing queries directly.

In the method of importing the query with wp:template-part, if the template is changed in the editor, the change will affect other templates as well.
I changed it so that the change does not affect anything other than the target template.

Block theme and PHP template compatibility

A fresh install of the emulsion theme will work as a block theme, but the fse-compatible-classic-template folder contains a sample block theme and a compatible PHP template.

These templates are set up so that when you change the style variation, they are set to have the same color scheme as the block template.

Also, if you use the emulsion-addons plugin to set the color details (in the theme schema classic settings), even in the theme schema fse the PHP template in fse-compatible-classic-template will be set in the classic settings color is taken over and displayed.

Feature to be added in emulsion 2.6.9

Supports MIN-HEIGHT for group blocks

You can also center it vertically by adding an additional CSS class centered .

Support block size for group blocks

When trying to arrange the site icon and the site title, it was necessary to add CSS separately, which was a surprisingly high hurdle.

You will be able to display the following with no code.