Raindrops 1.524がライブになりました

Raindrops 1.524 更新概要


version: 1.524 Overview of Changes


The following files have been added to improve performance.

new file: images/loader.svg

new file: instantclick.js

new file: instantclick.min.js

new file: lazyload.js

new file: lazyload.min.js

In order to control these functions, we added two items to Customizer / Add-ons.

1. Improve the response of the website

default: disable

Depending on the plug-in you are using, problems may appear on the display.

If you change to enable, please make sure there are no problems.

@see more info

2. Lazy load image

default: enable

These two items will only work with logged out status

License @see README

Modified Gutenberg plugin CSS

Removed filter raindrops_convert_inline_style_to_data_attr

jQuery Script Maintenance

jQuery2.2.0 + jQuery Migrate to 1.3.1 worked