Emulsion theme is a universal theme that supports WordPress 6.3.

Support plugins

Automated Smoke Tests for WordPress Plugins

When installing the plugin, you can check the basic test results for problems from the links below.


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Additional CSS classes

The number of blocks in the block editor is 75 (excluding embed blocks) when FSE (Full Site Editor) is enabled, and a very large number of blocks are implemented. This is quite complicated, with the momentum approaching the 108 elements of HTML5.

On the other hand, some users may find it difficult to use because the heading element can be set wide, but the paragraph element is wide and cannot be aligned horizontally. For this kind of user group, even if there is no setting in the editor, we have prepared a class with the theme that allows wide and left-right alignment in the majority of blocks, so you can use it as needed.

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What the theme pays particular attention to

The block editor is difficult to use. The website that I had been working hard on has been destroyed. I often see articles similar to many screams. Many people would have given up because of the buggy experimental function, and I myself was one of them.

What happens to the theme when the block editor is replaced?

The block function and the theme function are duplicated. Social menus and navigation menus are typical examples.

There is a function to easily stop the function of the theme to avoid complication due to duplication of the function supported by the block and the theme function.

Currently, about 27 functions such as the primary menu displayed using wp_nav_menu () can be stopped relatively easily on a template-by-template basis.

Interference between core CSS and theme CSS, or missing CSS

Over the last two years, the rules for the wordpress.org hosting theme have changed a bit, and classes like alignleft alignright are no longer required.

For this reason, things such as right alignment and left alignment that are set in the editor may not work.

This theme is a free theme hosted on wordpress.org, so for versatility CSS works with both classic editor and block editor sources.

However, in some cases, you can easily stop all the theme CSS and display it in core block style only with the click of a button.

Inflatable function

It’s true that the block editor is certainly evolving and has a lot of great features,
Whether it’s a block editor or a custom block, the enhancement of functions such as “You can do this” is emphasized, but in this theme, it is more important than the extension.
I would like to make it important that the display is hard to break with both the block editor and the classic editor.


As of April 2021 I think this is a problem that will be fixed in the future, but many of the themes hosted on wordpress.org do not properly reflect the colors set in the previous themes when the theme is switched. There is a problem that it becomes blank, but I would like to deal with inconspicuous problems such as content portability in the Gutenberg era.

This theme supports an experimental feature to actually test the ongoing FSE (Full Site Editor).

Right now, it works as intended, and although it may take some time, I am updating it with the intention of developing it into a theme with a simpler structure.

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